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Published on: Friday 12 October, 2012

R.Coates, Idle (Landlord)

I decided to change to Redbox as I had received good reports about them and have not been disappointed.

Redbox contact us i f there is a job that needs doing and there are no nasty surprises as they even tell you when the bill will be taken from your account. I have no worries that it will be too expensive as we have a limit set by ourselves and Redbox. The rent is paid into our account very promptly, not two weeks later as had happened to us in the past. I also know that as they are landlords themselves, they understand where other landlords are coming from. My tenants are also happy as they know help is only a phone call away and we can go away without worry, knowing our several tenants are being taken care of. We will not have to pay for the same job twice, as we have fallen into this trap with our previous agent. We can only say that we wish we had changed to this company earlier and can't recommend them enough. Thank you Redbox you have made our lives and our tenants lives so much easier, and you are less expensive too which is a bonus in this cash strapped world.

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